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Name:Bridge Carson [Power Rangers S.P.D.]
Birthdate:Jun 23

first the green ranger. then the blue ranger. now in edensphere, making his way the best he can, always living life to the fullest.

silly, buttery, rambly, psychic.

heart of gold, intelligent, perceptive.

best friend- [info]Sky
big brother- [info]Ghost
twin-chan- [info]Rabbit
sibling- [info]Blood
crew- [info]Allen, [info]Locket, [info]Zero, [info]Cara, [info]Juliet
minion of- [info]Dash
gone but not forgotten- [info]Renae, [info]Cle, [info]Doll, [info]Nothlit, [info]Rose

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"toast. you want some? it's buttery!"
-- bridge carson

This is a roleplaying journal for [info]edensphere, maintained by [info]shurimon. I am not affiliated in any way whatsoever with Matt Austin or the fine folks who make Power Rangers, and no copyright infringement is intended. Things said in-character do not necessarily reflect my own opinions.

And no, I'm not really Bridge Carson; I'd have to grow a penis and become fictional for that to happen.

To find out more about Bridge and his canon, check out the S.P.D. section at RangerWiki, a good deal of the content of which was written by his mun.
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